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Air and Gas Treatment

Activated carbons are used in the removal of contaminants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by trapping gas molecules and removing the pollutants and odour from circulation. The activated carbon efficiently removes hydrocarbons and oil vapours and is instrumental in environmental protection.

Specification: 3×6 USS, ¼x6 USS, 4×8 USS and 4×10 USS


Gold Recovery

An important application of granular activated carbon is in Gold recovery. In order to get highest possible yield of gold from its ore, appropriate grade of activated carbon should be used. With focus on quality, minimal mines formation, gold recovery is efficiently maximized.


Water and Waste Water Treatment

Activcarb is a leading manufacturer of activated carbon which is the crucial component in water purification systems. They can remove impurities in the water finding a wide usage in large scale community water treatment system to small scale residential water filters.

Specification: 8x30USS 12x30USS, 12x40USS, 20x50USS and -200USS


Cigarette Filters

Activcarb supplies coconut shell based activated carbons in different size ranges for cigarette filter. Activated carbon coated with special impergnats is used to adsorb harmful components of cigarette smoke.Small filters and strict criteria for particulate retention require an extremely fine-grained and abrasion resistant activated carbon.

Specification: 20x70USS, 30x60USS, 30x70USS and 35x80USS Dedusted Material

Water & Acid Washed Carbons

Activcarb is a leading player that supplies acid washed activated carbon by a process where carbon is washed with acid to remove water-soluble ash. This process will lower the total ash content of the carbon making it useful for drinking water,  food grade applications, breweries and distilleries.

Specification: The carbon can be pH adjusted and ash could be reduced to 1% max.


Fine Mesh Carbon

The size of the granular activated carbon also known  as the sieve sizes is expressed in mm or US Mesh between which most of the activated carbon is retained. It is measured by shaking the sample of granular activated carbon through a defined series of sieves. Activcarb provides the Fine Mesh Activated Carbon in the below specification.

Specification: 80x200USS 80x325USS -400USS (37 Micron) and -500USS (25 Micron) and Analysing in a laser diffractometer malvern 3000.

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