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Air and Gas Treatment

Activated carbons are used in the removal of contaminants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by trapping gas molecules and removing the pollutants and odour from circulation. The activated carbon efficiently removes hydrocarbons and oil vapours and is instrumental in environmental protection.

Specification: 3×6 USS, ¼x6 USS, 4×8 USS and 4×10 USS

Gold Recovery

An important application of granular activated carbon is in Gold recovery. In order to get highest possible yield of gold from its ore, appropriate grade of activated carbon should be used. With focus on quality, minimal mines formation, gold recovery is efficiently maximized.

Water and Waste water Treatment

Activcarb is a leading manufacturer of activated carbon which is the crucial component in water purification systems. They can remove impurities in the water finding a wide usage in large scale community water treatment system to small scale residential water filters.

Specification: 8x30USS 12x30USS, 12x40USS, 20x50USS and -200USS

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