Activcarb seeks uncompromising quality guidelines in all the phases of its procedure and operation exercises. For this a fastidious quality control system is worked all through the whole process from the choice of the crude material to the last quality confirmation before item despatch from the manufacturing plant. Procedure control precisely as per client’s detail, guarantees that the carbon made is absolutely as obliged and that adsorption properties are custom-made to the particular necessities of every client. Consistent on-line observing and stringent pre-shipment quality checks verify that each Activcarb client gets a value-for-money item.


Our longing for uncompromising quality begins at the determination of crude material itself. Charcoal is sourced from chosen outlets after thorough quality reviews. Comprehensive lab testing is accomplished to guarantee high standard value in each of our products. Stringent control on the activation process in the guidance of a thoroughly controlled flow of steam permits the carbon details to be promptly tailored to suit an extensive variety of customer needs.

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