Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Manufacturers

Coconut Shell activated carbon are well known for their adsorptive properties. This type of carbon features large internal surface area surrounded by micro pores. These are relatively hard and have low dust, making them usable for water and air applications.
Activcarb is one of India’s leading coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers, manufacturing activated carbon in powder, granular and pelletized form. Our products have:
•    Large surface area characterized by micro pores all over the body.
•    Extreme hardness
•    Low dust generation
•    Excellent purity with less than 3-5% ash content
•    Renewable and green raw materials
Activcarb, the leading coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers, produces high quality custom-made activated carbons to suffice individual needs of varied industries.
The activated carbon is useful for a wide range of purposes. They serve multiple needs that covers a wide spectrum. They can be used for:
•    Air purification- These activated carbons can be used for air purification in large buildings, commercial zones, educational centres, computer rooms, art galleries etc.
•    Food Items- Activated Carbon can be used for the removal of colour bodies from oils, food, chemical products and pharmaceuticals.
•    Water Treatment- The ActiveCarb range of activated carbons has been extraordinarily created to treat water and make them purified enough for drinking and other purposes. Activated carbon can be used in industrial purpose too where liquors that are utilized for the process often get contaminated with corrosive liquids.
•    Waste gas- Active Carb’s corrosive gas removal products are utilized for adsorbing malodorous sulphur particles in sewage pumping stations and for the expulsion of destructive gasses from air consumption frameworks in hardware producing companies, historical centres and libraries.
•    Mining- Activated carbons are utilized to adsorb the gold compounds which are shaped in various circuits.
•    Human protection- Activated Carbons in both impregnated and non-impregnated forms are used for the protection of respiratory tract and manufacturer of gas masks and powered breathing systems in the market today.

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