Activated Carbon Producers

We are among the distinguished Activated Carbon Producers in the country supplying activated carbon to our treasured customers. We produce activated carbon inside our state-of-the-art factory where the final product features excellent adsorption capacity. The large surface area and the high micro porous nature of the carbon allow it to find best usage in purification applications. Our products are custom made – meaning each of our products is made according to individual needs. Activated Carbons are produced from vegetable originated carbons (peat, coal, lignite or nutshells). The process of activation eventually creates an extensive pore structure that allows considerable absorption. They are produced and marketed as a black or dark grey solid in granulated, powder cloth form without any odor.
Shell charcoal on activation is transformed into activated carbon which is having the ability to observe effectively even trace quantities of either unwanted or valuable liquids or gases. Activated carbon producers put activated carbon to a wide range of uses including the purification, concentration and separation of gases from liquids, purifying drinking water, waste water and sewage treatment as well as to control the emissions. They have also extended application in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is used in solvent recovery processes, water and effluent treatment and the treatment of flue gas before discharge into the atmosphere.

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