About Us

Founded by Pradeep Kumar on 2015, Activcarb envisions in providing to the world pre-eminent activated carbons that are made of pure coconut shells. Though this venture is a new entrant to the scene of activated carbon industry, Pradeep helms a profound knowledge on the industry spanning around for 15 years. His astound insight lets him pioneer the development of inventive products for ecological and non-environmental applications.

Our Goal:Activated Carbon-Activcarb

At the point when leaders need help with natural and non-ecological decontamination or treatment, they depend on us a genuine industry accomplice focused on customer needs.

We have the capacity to reliably deliver best quality products as a result of our sound experience and quality control benchmarks, and our stringent duty to consumer loyalty. Our uniqueness lies in our capacity to pass on noteworthy cost effectiveness to our clients, which we pick up from our special area and manufacturing efficiencies.

The core competency of Activcarb is the manufacturing of special variety of activated carbons for gas and liquid stage treatments over a large number of commercial enterprises. Our carefully developed products apply over a diverse range of industries: domestic water filtration, water treatment, respiratory protection, air treatment, petrochemical refineries, chemical processing, food, fertilizers, beverages and much more.

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