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Activcarb was built with a sole aim to bring a revolution in the Activated Carbon Industry. We aim to be the world class leader in the manufacturing and marketing of activated carbons solutions that are purely derived from coconut shell. We envision in producing activated carbons for water treatment applications, energy storage application, air purification applications, chemical, beverages and more. With adroit professionals and adept technology, we vie to embark on a mission that unfolds various characteristics which brings plenteous benefits to the natural environment of planet earth and mankind. Our proven methodology has lead to adsorption of organic compounds from air stream and contaminated waters. Raw materials are finely scanned to avail the best quality in order to generate the preeminent Activated Carbon in the world.


Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon is a manifestation of carbon that involves elaborate steps. The first step is to actuate carbon by a deliberately controlled oxidation procedure to build up a permeable carbon structure. The so derived structure brings about a high level of porosity and over a wide scope of pore sizes, from noticeable splits and fissure to crevices and voids of sub-atomic measurements…..

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